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Technology Behind CablEquity™


A software solution that brings electrical properties into the design process should understand the multidisciplinary data involved in the current manual design process. The data comes from mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing requirements. Accurate and detailed manufacturing outputs must be generated automatically to prevent human error. This merger of multidisciplinary data can be thought of as a database that contains all wiring elements, their relation to each other, and, in addition, has knowledge about the the design and manufacturing processes. Besides the database, the software should provide an automated design environment for the entire Hardware Electrical System.


Our patented technology allows designing cable and wire harness assemblies, interconnects, and a hardware electrical system as an exact replica of the mechanical structure of the system. The software recognizes files from different schematic capture and/or layout applications, and exports files to any MCAD programs. Our technology helps engineers design hardware electrical systems as "enlarged microchips", utilizing microchip design principles that will help avoiding potential system failures later in production.

Our software uses a proprietary, powerful attributes-driven turboSearch - parametric search and cross reference engine -  to seamlessly connect our customers to a variety of domestic and international manufacturers and distributors of components.