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Whitepaper: TurboTools™ more than ever!
CablEquity™ - First patented SCAD product.
(by Alex Chernyak, September 2006)
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Whitepaper: New software from concept to manufacturing
CablEquity™ - Bridging the gap between MCAD and ECAD.
(by Alex Chernyak, February 2006)
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Manage all design and manufacturing processes
System CAD (SCAD) is a new method of managing all activities during system design and manufacturing processes of electro-mechanical equipment. (by Alex Chernyak, December 2005, Published by Manufacturingtalk.com) Read »
Whitepaper: New vision of connectivity!
CablEquity™ - Revolutionary Interactive Tool for design, documentation, and management of complex interconnects for highly integrated systems. (by Alex Chernyak, July 2004) Read »
Whitepaper: CablEquity automates HES design!
TurboTools Corporation provides superior suite of software applications, which is positioned to become a comprehensive design and manufacturing environment for every engineer, scientist, and R&D group. (by Alex Chernyak, February 2004) Read »
Electrical wiring design needs EDA support
In order to address market needs, speed up the design process, and hence reduce product time to market, enterprise software packages must integrate various requirements spelled out above into one complete design flow, including conceptual hardware electrical system design, detail design, and manufacturer output. (by Alex Chernyak, July 2003, Published by EEDesign.com) Read »