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CablEquity™ Overview

CablEquity™ software delivers a fast and error free solution to the design/development of cable and harness assemblies for your applications. A relational database-driven product, CablEquity provides rapid selection of connectors, cable materials, and other needed components, as well as automated generation assembly drawings, schematics and BOMs. To experience the benefits of CablEquity at NO charge, download it now.

CablEquity software provides a key interface between electrical and mechanical CAD tools, enabling you to rapidly and easily choose only the components needed for your specific design, and arrange them within the tolerances allowed by your mechanical layout.

CablEquity is the first product in the SystemEquity™ family, the next generation of products that go beyond the capabilities of traditional CAD and EDA applications. The SystemEquity is defining the new market segment for EDA tools called System CAD or SCAD. TurboTools views SCAD as an entirely new method of managing system design and manufacturing processes.

CablEquity is the complete design and manufacturing solution for the Hardware Electrical Systems (HES™) professionals, electrical and electronic engineers and scientists, cable and harness designers.

Whether you are developing new products, integrating large sub-systems into your design flows, or dealing with complex signal integrity issues, CablEquity proven power and stability ensures you get to market ahead of the competition.

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