Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I try CablEquity™ before I buy?
A: Yes a full featured trial version of CablEquity™ is available for download! The trial version has all the features and functions of the full CablEquity™ edition and includes a few sample designs. The trial version is intended to give you an opportunity to review content, features & functions, and benefits of CablEquity™, and will time out after trial period. To extend your use past the trial period you will need to purchase CablEquity™ or contact TurboTools™ to arrange for an official CablEquity™ pilot.

Q: Should I create assembly drawings, schematics and BOM manually?
A: No, CablEquity™ has fully automated design environment. All output documentation generates automatically, at the touch of a button.

Q: Is there any functionality that prevents to have design errors?
A: Yes, CablEquity™ has embedded comprehensive DRC (design rule checking). Those prevent any design errors and human mistakes.

Q: I have CablEquity™ Xpress version or Light version. Can I upgrade?
A: It’s easy to upgrade CablEquity™ Xpress or Light to our Full edition. Contact TurboTools™ Billing Department for details.

Q: Is the license fee a one-time payment?
A: Yes, the license fee for CablEquity™ is a one-time payment and we strongly recommend that you renew your annual maintenance agreement in order to receive support and upgrades as they become available.

Q: What are your support policies and what types of support are available?
A: Along with the CablEquity™ application you should plan to purchase the annual maintenance agreement. During this 12 month period you will receive updates and fixes/workarounds as well as new features upgrades for your purchased configuration level of CablEquity™. Our maintenance agreement includes standard technical support but does not include additional services and training.

Q: What type of training is available?
A: TurboTools™ provides 2 types of training: onsite and webcast. Either one, or both, can be included in the quote. You can order and schedule additional training at any time.

Q: Is there any return policy?
A: TurboTools™ is happy to work with you to define an appropriate pilot program to ensure that our products meet your requirements. The combination of a full featured trial version and a pilot program ensure that a product return will not be needed.

Q: I ordered CablEquity™ but haven't received the download information. What should I do?
A: Please contact TurboTools™ Billing Department.

Q: Is it possible to reactivate my download link if it was deactivated?
A: Yes, please contact TurboTools™ Billing Department and they will reactivate your link.

Q: Is the installation service included in the purchase?
A: Installation assistance remotely by our technical support team is included as part of your annual maintenance agreement package price. Please contact TurboTools™ should you wish to purchase onsite CablEquity™ installation services.

Q: Do you have CablEquity™ for the Mac?
A: CablEquity™ currently is PC based only.

Q: Is CablEquity™ standalone application?
A: Yes, it is standalone application.

Q: What are the recommended hardware system requirements and specifications?
A: There are no special requirements needed. CablEquity™ works fine on any commercially available computers.

Q: How do users collaborate and share information?
A: CablEquity™ has embedded import/export XML files for products, projects, designs, revisions, components, databases, libraries, etc.

Q: Can we import and export wiring lists, and what file formats are available?
A: CablEquity™ provides the ability to import/export wiring lists as XLS files.

Q: Can I transfer design data from OrCAD or Altium schematic capture?
A: CablEquity™ has embedded SMART File Importer™ that permits electronically transfer required design data from OrCAD or Altium, and all other major ECADs schematic capture or PCB layout applications.

Q: Is it possible to transfer design data from CablEquity™ to 2D and 3D MCADs?
A: Yes, CablEquity™ integrates with all major MCADs. All drawings exporting into 2D MCADs use universal DXF files. Also, at the touch of a button, design data transfers into 3D mechanical layout in solid models.

Q: How often are service packs and updates distributed?
A: New releases and/or service packs are typically distributed 2-3 times per year.

Q: What documentation is provided, and does it address things like where the files are and how to backup our data?
A: CablEquity™ provides embedded Help menus within the application. Additional documentation is readily available at no additional charge in PDF format.

Q: Can I add new components into database?
A: Yes, CablEquity™ has embedded tools that permit designers and engineers add components into database.

Q: Are there any restrictions or limitations for the new components and/or manufacturers?
A: No, there are no restrictions for components in all categories and types. CablEquity™ permits to add new components into database without limitations from any manufacturer.

Q: Can TurboTools™ create custom components for us or add additional components into our database on our request? What is the typical turnaround time?
A: TurboTools™ provides services like outsourcing components (i.e. connectors, backshells, contacts, wires, etc.). Turnaround time estimates vary based on the information available from the customer, quantity and difficulty factor of components. Delivery estimates will be provided after receipt of the initial services request and included in the SOW.