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About the Company

TurboTools™ Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco, California, was founded with a vision of becoming the standard for designing HES™ - Hardware Electrical Systems. At TurboTools we strive to bring engineers and manufacturers together by providing our customers with integrated solutions that encompass all phases of the Hardware Electrical Systems development lifecycle.

The TurboTools team has broad expertise and a wealth of knowledge and experience in the semiconductor, robotics, medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, industrial machining and telecommunication industries. These industries make extensive use of complex HES™, which are the primary focus of TurboTools' ideas.

TurboTools is focused on the automation process of cable and wire harness assemblies design, as well as entire electrical systems such as highly integrated electronic equipment, mechatronic systems, high-tech instrumentation, and any kind of electro-mechanical or electrical systems, automotive, aircrafts, ships, power plants, oil drilling platforms, etc.

TurboTools' patented software automates design, testing, simulation, and analysis of Hardware Electrical Systems, and maintains data integrity and manages all engineering, manufacturing, and management processes during the development lifecycle - all in one, easy to use tool.

TurboTools enters the CAD and EDA development tools markets at a time when there is a desperate need for higher levels of integration, automation, and adaptation of solutions that make the job of designing and engineering products and managing the associated data faster and more efficient. TurboTools has positioned itself for a unique business opportunity to provide software solutions that have significant growth potential within the following interrelated market segments:

TurboTools intends to become a known leader in engineering design applications within the aforementioned markets.