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Information for investors

TurboTools™ is currently looking for strategic partnerships with venture capital community including OEMs, angel investors and VC firms.

Key investment considerations:

Market Size
Market opportunity is enormous considering a single fact that Hardware Electrical Systems are used in every possible piece of electro-mechanical equipment available on the market in every industry worldwide.
Proven Success
TurboTools solutions are actively used by the largest companies in the semiconductor equipment, telecommunication, medical equipment, and other markets. Great feedback has been received from different companies in various industries around the world that have had the chance to use and evaluate TurboTools' products.
Domain Expertise
TurboTools team has extensive expertise in Hardware Electrical Systems design in semiconductor, medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Early Advantage\First Mover
TurboTools can gain tremendous advantage over potential competitors by being first to market with its innovative solutions. No company currently offers the functionality that TurboTools provides.
Proprietary Technology\High Barriers to Entry
TurboTools is entering the Hardware Electrical Systems design arena when no other company has been able to successfully develop and implement this technology. Our Patented Technology is hard to replicate; thus, it creates high barrier to entry for potential competitors.