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CablEquity™ - DesignVision Award Finalist


CablEquity™, the industry-leading automation and productivity software for design and documentation of Hardware Electrical Systems, was named a finalist for the DesignVision Award in the System-Level Design Tools category.

CablEquity bridges two major engineering disciplines Mechanics and Electronics. This software system is a complete end-to-end design and manufacturing solution for hardware system architects and integrators, electrical and electronic engineers and scientists.

"We are honored that CablEquity has been selected as a finalist for this award," said Alex Chernyak, President & CEO of TurboTools Corporation. "Our development team has invested significant amount of time to develop this first-of-its-kind product to meet challenges facing design engineers today: increased designs complexity, aggressive schedules, and rising costs. As our customers attest, CablEquity dramatically cuts cost and time spent designing Hardware Electrical Systems, enabling them to deliver new products to market on time, within budgets and ahead of competition."

For on-line evaluation of fully functional CablEquity™ contact TurboTools™ Corporation at (415) 759-5599 or visit http://www.turbotools.com to schedule FREE server access.

The inaugural DesignVision Awards recognize companies for recent products and services that have added a new dimension to the Design Automation. The award ceremony will be held at the DesignCon conference in Santa Clara, Calif. on February 1, 2005. Award winners will be announced at the ceremony.

About DesignVision Awards

Premiering in 2004, the DesignVision Awards program recognizes EDA technologies, applications, products, and services judged to be unique and of the greatest benefit to the electronics design industry. The DesignVision Awards also honor corporations and individuals for innovative contributions and developments that have proven important to society.

The awards mirror a rich International Engineering Consortium (IEC) tradition of recognizing innovative technology in the System-Level Design Tools, in which the IEC actively provides educational opportunities.

Awards presents in the following categories:

 Design Verification Tools Entries were judged according to the following criteria: