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Trade Shows

PCB Design Conference East 2006
09/26/06 - 09/27/06
CablEquity™ connects all the dots in the design
process of Hardware Electrical Systems, including cables, harnesses, mechanical and electrical system engineering
43d Design Automation Conference
07/24/06 - 07/28/06
Hardware Electrical Systems design become
important part of the Product development.
Come and learn how CablEquity™ adds fun to
your work
SEMICON West 2005
07/12/05 - 07/14/05
TurboTools presents Emerging Technology - System CAD, the software that goes beyound traditional CAD/EDA applications
SEMICON West 2004
07/12/04 - 07/14/04
TurboTools is a winner at the Technology Innovation Showcase - "Come to learn about the important innovative product for the semiconductor and related industries - CablEquity"
41st Design Automation Conference
06/7/04 - 06/11/04
New breed in definition, automation and implementation of Hardware Electrical Systems - HES
PCB Design Conference West
03/16/04 - 03/17/04
All needs for Hardware Electrical Systems, PCB and system engineering for design and manufacture professionals
IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX, and the Designers Summit
02/24/04 - 02/26/04
TurboTools and EMA Design Automation Inc. met with electronic interconnection industry professionals who design, document, and test Hardware Electrical Systems and electro-mechanical assemblies
Software Development Forum
Networking with Silicon Valley software and Internet professionals, CEOs, VCs and founders