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CablEquity™ - Cable and Harness Design CAD for Everyone!
Powerful. Easy. Affordable.

If you are developing Clean Technologies for:
- Ocean Wave or Wind Energy
- Electrical Vehicles
- Solar Power
- Biofuels
- N2 Cells
- Other Green projects
Green turboMania™ and CablEquity™ will minimize your design time and save you money!

The next generation of wire harness and cable design software from TurboTools™ goes beyond the capabilities of traditional CAD applications. Easy-to-use, yet built to take on your most serious design projects, you can find a CablEquity™ software package that is right for your needs and fits to your budget.

The CablEquity™ package is completely configurable by the customer. Features and options for your design requirements can be switched on or off, on-the-fly, by acquiring the appropriate license.

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Major Features

CablEquity Xpress

CablEquity Light

CablEquity Full

Variety of components in embedded relational database (DB) – delivers by searchable and cross-reference engine up to 200 up to 1,000 over 10,000
Database (DB) Components Utility tool Limited Advanced
Custom connectors, cables and other components database
Design Rule Checking (DRC)
Automatic Generation of: BOMs, assembly drawings, schematics
Automated Run List/Wire List and Nail board
Input data from different ECAD schematic capture and/or layout
System Schematic Capture
Copy and Paste of components “design-to-design”
Copy/Clone of revisions, designs, projects “project-to-project”
Import and Export of revisions, designs, projects, products “computer-to-computer”
Drag & Drop Sketcher
Embedded libraries
Multiple output file formats support
Internal Part Numbers (IPN)
Search and Archive
3D MCAD integration
Academic version
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License Node-locked Node-locked Node-locked
Price, Application Free Call Call
Price, DB (Price varies based on quantity of components. Required to run CablEquity application) Call Call Call
Support The presale support is a vital decision-making factor.
CablEquity users will receive 30 days of free presale support by top-quality application architects, who were closely involved in the development of the products, which you will evaluate, to provide you best possible customers’ experience

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emailed to TurboTools Corporation. See the company's privacy policy.
- The US Government has published a list of "Known Proliferation Countries". They are China, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, and Syria. No version of CablEquity is available to some of these countries.
- If you have difficulties with the form below please email the information required in the form to info@turbotools.com and put the words 'Order Form' in the subject line of your e-mail.

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