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CablEquity™ Benefits

For Engineers For Companies
  • Eliminates manual design process
  • Significantly decreases the design time
  • Speeds up the procurement cycle and optimizes manufacturing processes management
  • Increases productivity and revenue per engineer
  • Allows to combines different engineering skills in one application
  • Decreases products' time-to-market
  • Tremendously reduces electrical system design cost
  • Increases companies bottom line
  • Integrates with company-wide engineering, manufacturing and purchasing processes
  • Provides Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) functionality

CablEquity introduces software innovation into every step of Hardware Electrical Systems design and cables and harnesses design processes:

Design Step Traditional Method CablEquity Solution
Gather requirements, electrical signal information Manual examination of hardware, search through documentation Automatic import from commonly used CAD tools
Components selection Manual search through piles of catalogs Parametric, cross-reference search engine with interactive, step-by-step workflow
Documentation (BOM, drawings, ECO, etc) Manual drafting and compilation Automatic generation of all necessary documentation
Test, Simulation, and Validation Manual, post-production process Automatic testing and validation at design stages