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Cables and wire harnesses play an essential role of any equipment, bridging electro-mechanical assemblies and electronics. The automation of cable and wire harness design enables quality products to reach the market faster. TurboTools engineering design automation software is applicable for:

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Computers & Peripherals
  • Automotive
  • Transportation (non-auto)
  • Aircraft
  • Instrumentation
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Telecom / Datacom
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Other Equipment
Customer Testimonials
"We could use a product like yours starting now and I need to get it in the hands of my engineers. Not a day goes by that I don't see the benefit of your product and its payoff."
Steve Murdoch, Automation Manager, Mask Production Group, Applied Materials Inc. USA
"I will buy the CablEquity software for every engineer in my department."
Raj Chhibber, Director of Engineering, Nanometrics, Inc. USA
"Very powerful and useful tool!"
Kaya Erk, President, Kycon, Inc. USA
"I have not seen such an easy to use and helpful software solution for cable assembly design. A real time saver!"
Travis Traeger, EE Manager, Ultratech, Inc. USA
"Great product for cable and harness assemblies design and documentation. Very easy to use."
Tim Stover, EE Technician, Dukane, Inc. Ultrasonics division, USA
"We are very happy with CablEquity performance and would buy again and would recommend the system to othrs."
Jonathan Walton, Electrical Design Manager, Waters Corporation, UK
"We found the installation instructions and process very straight forward... and not one hitch! Our IT administrator didn't report any difficulty setting up the network tFM also. This was very impressive. I have found the help documentation very good.... I am going top to bottom to get primed for use of the software."
Jim Duncan, EE, C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc. Canada
" I am using TurboTools product and find it very useful for me as a tech which does most of the assembly work. I needed a program like this to make cable/system harnesses drawings. Here, where I work we have mechanical drawings and circuit board drawings but, never seem to have the time to make the system interconnect drawings. With CablEquity I can do the drawings that engineers always seem to forget. Engineers like these drawings and CablEquity approach because they don't have to deal with them. I find the software very powerful. If you have any questions you can get all your questions answered in a training session provided by TurboTools. I think everyone will find CablEquity as a great tool in cable/system harness needs."
Gary Murphy, Technician, Spawar System Center Pacific, USA

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